Feline corona virus | corona virus in cats symptoms and treatment

Feline-corona virus-in-cats
feline corona virus in cats

friends today we are going to discuss about covid-19 symptoms in cats which is caused by feline corona virus. As all of know currently whole world is under the grip of deadly corona virus which is caused by SARS-FCOV virus and researchers , doctors and scientists are working day and night to understand the behavior of this deadly virus. 

Apart from infecting humans several cases have been reported around world of pets infection like cats, dogs, tigers and even lions. Since there are lot of people who are pet lovers are now worried about their beloved pets especially cats and dogs .

pet owners have lot of questions in their mind like what are the symptoms of corona virus in cats? can cat die from corona virus ? can pets get covid 19 from humans and lot more. so today we gonna talk about all these stuffs based on CDC information and guidelines in a concise manner.

sign and symptoms of feline corona virus :

being an owner of your cat you should keep a watch whether your pet is showing any unusual behavior like sneezing , looking lethargic, coughing , loss of appetite and having high temperature if you notice all of these or any of these symptoms immediate isolate your cat from other family members and call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment.

although there is no such cases have been reported of human to animal transmission and vice-versa but still you should not take any chance because there is still research going on how pets are getting infected from corona virus . As all of aware vaccines are available to humans and lot are under process but there is no such vaccine available for cats and dogs. so the best decision is to consult a veterinarian.

Do's :

after looking any smptoms pet owners should do these things as follows:
  1. isolate your pet from human beings or family members.
  2. give a call to vet doctor
  3. wear PPE while taking your pet to vet hospital

Dont's :

  1. wash your pet with chemicals and disinfectent.
  2. let your pet left alone on streets as it may infect other pets.
  3. come closer to your pets bodily fluids like saliva.
there is no death so far reported in cats due to feline corona virus so do not worry so much but stay in touch with your veterinarian.

hope this blog post helped you guys.